Non-stick Pancake Pan Maker

Non-stick Pancake Pan Maker

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Non-stick Pancake Pan Maker

Now you can make amazing and perfect pancake with our Pancake Pan Maker!

Do you know you could make perfect omelets too? Make your family their favorite pancakes with Blueberry, Apple Cinnamon, Gingerbread, chocolate chips and more! Its cook’s four eggs easily without breaking the yolks! Make your Pancake/Eggs at the same time! The easy flip and nonstick way! It doesn’t need spatula to cook!


Fast Easy and Healthy!


 Just Cook, Flip and Serve.  


  • Create perfectly round and evenly cooked pancakes every time with the Healthy Nonstick Pancake Pan
  • With a nonstick cooking surface not that much oil is needed, ensures easy food release
  • No need for a spatula because the spot welded stay-cool handle lets you safely and easily flip the pan. It can protect your hands from getting burned.
  • Cook four pancakes at once
  • Can also be used to cook eggs and flapjacks
  • Dishwasher safe and is suitable for all stove types
  • With a 4-ounce capacity




🗸 Gas Stove
🗸 Electric Stove
🗸 Electric Heating Furnace
🗸 Induction Cooker



 Surface: Healthy Nonstick Coating

Dimensions: 25 x 29 x 6cm

Weight: 3.8 kg

Manufactured: Made in the USA


Delivery Method: (From processing to Delivery)

Metro Manila    -     2 - 4 Days

Outside Metro  -     4 - 7 Days

Note: On special holidays, we still accept orders yet the delivery will be after the said holiday.